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We implement the use of our 'Writing Toolkits' from Year 2 - 6. This is a planning tool, which we create collaboratively with our pupils, to identify our writing's purpose, audience, effect, skills, application, and appropriate vocabulary. This allows our children to take responsibility for the creativity of their writing.


All our creative writing pieces begin with a high quality model example, which models the purpose, audience, effect, skills, application, and appropriate vocabulary. This sets high expectations and aspirations for our children, which is at the heart of our school ethos.


Shared and modelled writing, takes place within English lessons. This allows the teacher to demonstrate high quality writing, while encouraging the children to share and up-level their own and peers' ideas. 


Talk for writing is used successfully across the school to help children to develop the structure of their writing. We use this well to engage children, with different styles of writing and with different purposes. 


Children are expected to write frequently in a range of forms. This may be responses to a text, considering text feature grids, short writing tasks such as writing as a character description, or writing a whole story or report as an extended piece of writing. At Foley Park, we don’t teach specific genres of writing; we teach purposes for writing which are: to entertain, to inform, to explain and to discuss.




What Writing Looks Like at Foley Park


Here you will find key information about expectations in writing for each year group, showing working towards, expected and Greater Depth objectives as well as examples of what Greater Depth looks like. 

Please look at your child's year group objectives to find out what key skills they are expected to know as they move through the school. 

We hold high expectations of all children's writing and share with them what this could look like. We use our marking policy, with the children, to identify what makes a piece of writing Greater Depth and the children use this as inspiration. Please have a look at some examples of Greater Depth writing appropriate within each year group. 

Please do not hesitate to speak to your child's teacher or to Miss Page, our English Lead, for any further information or support.