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What we are learning

English- Spring Term 1

Class Novel: "Secrets of a Sun King"- by Emma Carroll.

This term we are writing a diary entry from the perspective of the character of Lilian. We will consider using: chronological order, feelings and emotions and informal language to construct our diary entry. 

We will then be writing a persuasive text in the form of a holiday brochure to persuade people to visit Egypt. We will consider the use of persuasive language, using facts and opinions and elaborate description to draw attention to the wonders of Egypt.


Each week, the children will be set spellings on Fridays. There will be 3 groups of spellings which they will need to choose from. Group one focuses on Year 1 spellings and spelling rules, group two focuses on Year 2 spellings and spelling rules and group three focuses on Year 3 and 4 spellings and spelling rules. Please support your child with their spellings at home in preparation for their test on Fridays.

Maths- Spring term:

Half Term 1:

Multiplication and Division - We will be focusing on comparing statements,  multiplying and dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number and dividing 100 by 2,4,5, and 10.


Half term 2:

Money - using pounds and pence to add and subtract money, Statistics - interpreting tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. 

Length and perimeter - comparing lengths, finding equivalent lengths, adding and subtracting lengths and measuring and calculating perimeter.

Fractions - exploring wholes, halves, quarters and thirds, understanding unit and non-unit fractions, counting in fractions and finding fractions of a set of objects.


Challenge Curriculum - Spring 1