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Summer Term 2021

Welcome to the Summer term. This half term our challenge question is 'How can we make a part of the Nursery magical?' 

To do this we need to know what magical means. We will read stories with magical worlds and creatures and then decide the things we want in our magical world. 

We are so excited about this half term challenge. 

Along with that we will continue to work on our physical development, personal, social and emotional development and communication and language development.  

We will continue to guide the learning through playful, rich and experiential activities. We believe that play provides children with opportunities to consolidate and extend skills and concepts learned. The outdoor area is an essential teaching and learning area and we will be ensuring that it is used to its full potential. 

Spring Term 2021

Welcome to Nursery 


We have had a very different start to the year with only some children in Nursery and the rest of you carrying out home learning! We are very much missing you all and we can't wait to have you all back in Nursery again as soon as we are able to. 


We are however holding two Zoom meetings a day. Our morning session starts at 9:00am and our afternoon session starts at 2:40pm. All links to your zoom meeting will be posted on the Nursery class dojo page. The morning session is to welcome you all, start off our day and carry out some of our usual morning routines such as singing the days of the week song and talking about the weather! Our second zoom session of the day is our story time session. We love stories in Nursery so what better way to end the day! 


This term, our challenge question is 'Who helps us and how can we help people?'

Spring Term - Medium Term Plan - Who helps us? And How can we help people?

Autumn 2 - Medium Term Plan - How can we put on a Show?

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