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Welcome to Victoria Academies Trust

Victoria Academies is an established multi-academy trust (MAT) in the West Midlands that consists of local schools that all share a passion for excellence, innovation and social change.

As a values-led trust, our purpose is to make all our people become the best they can be. This is our reason for being and is why we created the MAT in 2014. Everything that we do is designed to serve the needs of our young people and their communities through social change. We do this by creating ‘standout’ schools that have flipped the concept of ‘outstanding’ and re-defined excellence in a way that is purposeful, wholesome and empowering to our communities. Quite simply, we want our family of schools to become the best in the world.


For Key information regarding :

  • Annual Report
  • Annual audited accounts
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Names of charity trustees and members
  • Funding agreement


Please use the Link below access Victoria Academies Trust website.