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Social, Emotional and Mental Health - Waves 1, 2 and 3


(Universal Provision)


Inclusive strategies for ALL learners embedded in QFT

  • Consistent, positive behaviour policy based on rights, rules, responsibilities and encouraging good choices
  • Whole school rules, rewards & consequences: house points, Zone Board, Class Dojo points, lunchtime stars for a dip in the box
  • Clear consistent whole school expectations and aspirations
  • Time out to reflect on incidents when necessary
  • Calm Corner (EYFS and KS1) or Regulation Stations (KS2)
  • Trained lunchtime supervisors
  • Policies: Behaviour, Child Protection, e-Safety
  • Mindfulness training for staff
  • Thrive room, Thrive TAs and a Thrive teacher


(in addition to universal provision)


Targeted intervention and support for SOME learners

  • Individual reward charts
  • Monitoring by Class Teacher
  • Prompt and reminder cards
  • Home/school diary
  • Regulation Station/Calm Corner
  • Individual working station
  • Social skills programme
  • Self-esteem programme
  • Anger management programme
  • Access ‘Early Help’ support or ‘Reach for Wellbeing”


(in addition to universal provision and targeted intervention)

Specialist support for a FEW learners

  • Behaviour interventions led by 1:1 TA
  • Behaviour Support Service – advice, recommendations, work with parents/carers
  • Educational Psychologist - assessment, advice & recommendations
  • Child and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) – assessment, advice & recommendations