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At Foley Park Primary Academy, wherever possible, Science links to our learning challenge.  Teachers have the professional flexibility to plan from a variety of resources to ensure that the 2014 NC objectives are met and maximise the learning experience for their class. 


Our overview shows the coverage of each phase over a two year cycle in which the learning needs are met.  


Depending on the children's needs teaching styles are adapted through lesson objective, differentiation or additional adults in the room.


All science teaching will involve plenty of practical lessons finding out from first-hand experience and testing hypotheses, in line with "working scientifically" from the National Curriculum document. Full scientific enquiry will occur in each unit of work and through the years a greater emphasis is placed on investigative work. 


Investigations will always be followed by thorough reinforcement of the knowledge and understanding gained from the experience.  Children will be given the opportunity to devise and implement their own investigations from Y3-Y6.


Our Science Knowledge organisers for each term show the key knowledge that children will be learning science.