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School Council 2020/2021

Here at Foley Park we believe it is very important for ALL children to have a voice and feel as though their views and opinions count. 


We now have our class representatives. 

Meet your school council reps. 


Year 1 - Jacob and Cerise

Year 2 - Lucas and Beatrice

Year 3 - Morgan and Lucas

Year 4 - Harriet and Cayden

Year 5 - Tilly and Cameron

Year 6 - Lola and Joseph



Each councillor has to ensure that the views of all of the children are heard. They will work hard finding ways to collect the ideas and suggestions of the rest of the school by having:

class votes



suggestions boxes


Our school council is led by Mrs Lucas. We will meet once every two weeks to talk about any issues or ideas that have been raised by the children in the classes. 


Your opinion counts!!!! 



What we have done so far

They have been busy already this year. They have been discussing with the children in their classes about how to make lunchtimes more exciting, as a result of this we have introduced Jumping Jaxx led by the year six children. They organise and lead games on the playground for all of the children. 

The children have also decided they would like to raise some money to further improve our library. 


What we have got planned for the future


We are currently gathering information from each of the classes to find out their views on how we can improve the school. 

We have planned a sponsored run during the Spring term in order to raise money for new books for our school library. 

If you have a problem or an idea make sure you speak to your class representative today!
Coming soon - School Council Suggestion Box