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Physical and/or Sensory - Waves 1, 2 and 3


(Universal Provision)


Inclusive strategies for ALL learners embedded in QFT

  • Staff are aware of individual children’s needs/impairment/disability/medication or emergency treatment or procedures – My Plans
  • Appropriately trained staff e.g., Paediatric First Aider, First aider At work
  • Administration of medicines procedures e.g., Consent forms filled in by parents



(in addition to universal provision)


Targeted intervention and support for SOME learners

  • Advice/recommendations from school nursing team/medical team/sensory support team
  • Health Care Plan/Risk Assessment in place
  • Training for named staff for administration of medication. For example – insulin
  • Staff follow recommendations from medical team
  • Specialist pencils, pencil grips, laptops, wrist supports, writing slopes, wobble cushion etc.


(in addition to universal provision and targeted intervention)

Specialist support for a FEW learners

  • Involvement of outside services for advice and recommendations:  School Nurse, GP, Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Physical Development Outreach, Hearing/Visual Impairment Team, etc.
  • Use of personalised, specialist equipment
  • Adaptations to classroom/school environment as required
  •    Smart Moves programme