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If you are having problems locating meal booking section.  Press the home tab on Parentpay.  This should then bring up the child's name and blue banner saying "Make Bookings", click on this.  It should open into "Make bookings" and show a box with "Lunchtime" and below that is the date of the week you are completing meal selections for.  Below this is a blue box that says "Make or view bookings" click on this.  The menu for the week should then appear - IMPORTANT - if you are on a mobile phone you will need to scroll down to see the menu and then scroll along to access each day.  Once you have made selections scroll down to click "Confirm".


If you have any queries regarding Parentpay please do not hesitate to pop to the office and we should be able to help with most queries.



How to make a meal booking guide

We are now using Parentpay to book and pay for school meals.

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals or is Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and is entitled to Universal Free meal they will still need to have their meals ordered through Parentpay. After the meal choices have been made you will need to confirm the booking but their will be no charge.


Above is a link to Parentpay guide to ordering your meals



Parentpay is the cashless scheme used by Foley Park Primary Academy to allow Parents to pay for trips, clubs and activities.  It can also be used to book and pay for breakfast club and after school care.

All pupils have access to a Parentpay account which must be activated by their parent/carer.  If you need activation codes or any help accessing your childs's Parentpay account please contact the school office.