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How we support children's health and general well-being

At Foley Park Primary Academy we use a range of strategies to support a child’s social, emotional and mental health and Thrive is adopted as a whole school approach. Thrive may consist of 1:1 sessions, group interventions, alternative curriculum, exploration of the outdoors and meet and greet at transition times.


We recognise that children who show difficult behaviours do not necessarily have SEND. Appropriate assessments will be carried out to determine if causal factors are related to learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties or mental health issues and if so, support will be put in place.


In class, each classroom has a Calm Corner (EYFS and KS1) or Regulation Station (KS2). In these areas, children are provided the opportunity to self-regulate and get themselves back into a mindset where they are ready to learn. In order to aid this, the area is equipped with many different calming strategies and resources such as reading books, fidget devices, mindfulness colouring, note writing areas, plants to water and breathing exercises. Children can spend 5-10 minutes here and are then checked on by staff to see how they are feeling/why. They do not have to explain their reasons for being in the area if they do not wish to but are encouraged to share their thoughts and emotions. 


All of the above provision is available to children whether they have an identified SEND or not. Where appropriate, we may invite specialist agencies to work with children, e.g. CAMHS.