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Golden Book

April Golden Book


Charlie Yarnold for a fantastic piece of art work.  Charlie worked really hard to produce it.

Shae Simpson for displaying super ICT skills when typing about being honest and helping his friends by showing them how to use the keyboard.

Morgan Puplett for helping his friends in ICT

Evie Calder for making super progress in her reading.

Callum Hill for following instructions well to draw, label and write facts about the planets in our Solar system.

Maisie Saunders for trying really hard to learn all of her Year 2 common words.

Hayden Walker, lily Hammick, Kyron Moore, Cerys Westwood, Kayleigh Harvey and Olivia Sellwood for being super readers and answering question well about the text. They did this independently and quietly.

Dylan Price for puuting extra effort into your science this week.

A huge well done to ll of Year 5 and 6 for super presentations, special mentions to...

Sophie Davies, Kyle Whetton, Jaideep Multani, Harvey Davies, Callum Cooper and Kasey Darby.

Shannon Walker, Siena Russello, Trinity Bushell, Natalia Nowy, Max Barber, Kian Lobb, Abigail Kupiec and Lucas Hodgkins.


In Key Stage 2 some of tried to complete a Lent challenge which took a lot of determination. People gave up TV, Ipads, Playstations, sugar in their tea, skittles and doughnuts!! Well done to :

Year 3 - Tommy- Lee Smith, Lola Dyoss-Jones, Jacob Allen and  Joseph Barker

Year 4 - Evie Hopkins, Rhiannon Harvey, Ruben Harrington, Madison Millward, Alfie Moore, Elise Wilson, Malachy Parker, Roma Russello and Poppie Brown

Year 5 - Leo Mckeown,  Lexie Freeman, Rebecca Philpotts and Grace Newell

Year 6 - Jack Lawrence, Shannon Walker, Trinity Bushell, Summer Sharpley and Lewis Allen

March Golden Book


Harry Bytheway and Trinity Bushell for thoughtful letters to Stephen Hawking.

Harvey Williams for writing independently all about dogs.  Great effort and good sentences.

Tilly Brown, Hayden Walker and Jake Beddoes for their writing about habitats - they wrote in full sentences with lots of description.

Phoebe Harrington for trying really hard in your maths assessment

Alex Mason for working hard and persevering with handwriting.  It has been really impressive.

Jake Beddoes for really hard work on the habitats of animals - super proud.

Jack Lawrence for a fantastic attitude to maths and such excitement and perseverance. 

Owen Thompson for fantastic effort in handwriting - well done.

Emily Calder and Trinity Bushell for both writing the amazing pieces of hot write based on our book "Wonder". You consistently applied all of our learned skills.

Jake Westwood for brilliant Sportsmanship in PE.

Liam Whitehouse and Charlie Yarnold for being marvellous mathematicians - we weer blown away by your work on equivalent fractions.

The netball team who visited Birchen Coppice for training and persevered through the snow!

Reception class for speaking so clearly and singing beautifully in assembly.

Year 1 for working fantastically in literacy writing questions and answers - some children used question mark for the first time.  You all did a great job.

Year 4 for showing focus and determination to write effective descriptions - you weer fantastic sharing ideas and using each others feedback.

Year 5's  Max, Harvey, Sophie, Alex, Leo, Jaideep, Imogen, Rebecca, Lauren, Alfie, Tammy, Ashton and Will for fantastic scores and effort in our fractions, decimals and percentages review.

A massive thank you to the 22 children who went to Birmingham Town Hall to draw with Nick Sharratt - you were amazing artists, superbly polite and represented the school really well.

Year 3 &  Year 6 for an excellent joint reading session and a special mention to Charlie Yarnold and Jimmy-Ray Manton who made an excellent team

The Football team  - Max, AJ, Courtney, Kendle, Jack L, Owen, Harry, Kyle, Jake, Jack JB, Lewis and Sam for playing maturely and remembering that our main aim is to HAVE FUN.




February Golden Book


Lewis Allen for playing Ukelele so brilliantly in assembly.

Clayton Holden for improved effort and keeping on task.

Maisie Saunders for thinking critically in Maths and being a "Thinking Theo".

Riley Hinton & George Hammick for fantastic phonics

Jenson Grosvenor-Hayes for his amazing knowledge about space and the solar system.

Skye Meaker for working hard on Linked ideas in history, you really pushed yourself.

Alfie Hodgkins for producing a great piece of homework - a fantastic example to insipre others in their homework.

Leona Lay for beautiful, clear independent reading and predicting the text by using the details within the narrative.

Jack JB for being really helpful and patient whilst helping another pupil with their work.

Jake Westwood and Lewis Allen for using "learning to grow" characteristics in their writing.

Trinity Bushell - a huge thank you for being inspired enough by our Viking Topic last half term to write 4 Noggin the Nog sagas. They were brilliant.

Imogen Kimberlin for being encouraging and helpful with a new member of our class.

Yasmin Phillips, William Parker, Aaron Smith, Phoebe Harrington, Kayleigh Harvey, Dylan Griffiths and Isaiah Moore went to Baxter for multi-skills and impressed with their positive attitude, can-do attitude and excellent behaviour.

Kyle Kirk, Connor Jackson and Jack JB for being able to achieve Blue highlighting in English for analysing plots carefully. Impressive work.

Year 5  for their enthusiastic maths work at Baxter College on the taster day and for such fantastic dragon eye painting and clay work. You all produced beautiful work.

Year 6 for the quality of your comments in your "Thoughtful Thursday" discussions. You show respect to each other and challenge each other. For showing excellent growth mindset by having positive attitudes towards personal targets and deciding how you would like to improve.








January 2018 Golden Book


Hayden Walker- Well done for working really hard in English and ignored others silly behaviour.

Rebecca Philpotts - for an incredible streak of 10/10 spellings

Sophie Davies for getting 10/10 on some of the tricky spellings

Tyler Cooper for being a fantastic role model for Sam Ricketts and helping him settle into cooking class.

Elle-Mai Shurmer for being extremely observant in Sciencewhen we made butter.  Your work has been put on the Science wall.

Shannon Walker for showing great perserverence in art and continued to improve her sketch even though it went wrong at the start.

Trinity who achieved a 'Learning to Grow' stamp in her literacy book for achieving her target of "not stopping until you are proud." Well done for excellent writing.

Well done to Kacey Askey, Siena Russello, Jake Westwood, Max Anderson and Oliver Kimberlin for applying last terms writing skills into this term's work.

Toby Tarpey for being a fantastic friend to Dylan.

Dylan Price who got changed and took part in P.E. despite this being very challenging for him.  Mrs Smith was very proud of you.

Kasey Askey for exceeding her own expectations in P.E.  What a star.

DJ Norris, Lauren Robinson, Sophie Davies and Reece Whitehouse for working so hard to create fantastic character descriptions of Oden and Loki

Rebecca Philpotts for being incredibly kind and patient friend in some very tough situations.

Madison Millward for a focused and 'can-do' attitude in literacy. 






















Emily Calder - It was so lovely that you listened out for some of our KS2 vocabulary when you watched "Blue Planet".  I'm impressed they used "engulfed".

Dylan Price - If we compare your writing from September to December you have made phenomenal progress. 

Trinity Bushell - Thank you for always being able to find positivity in every situation. It is a really important life skill and you're an asset to Year 6


A massive well done to all of Year 5 & 6 on our visit to Neville Court.

You sang beautifully, you were very respectful and all of you were a pleasure.  There were so many compliments from Neville Court about your manners, quality of singing, politness and the list goes on. A first for us all singing to a 100 year old lady. Words can't express how proud we are - you are all a real credit to Foley Park



The following children and groups of children got a special mention in the Golden Book during the month of November .  Well done to you all, keep up the good work.


Dylan Griffiths for his great teamwork and rugby skills in P.E.

Toby Tarpey whose target was to explore and persevere in art (a subject which he finds difficult) He explored new and scary skills. Well done.

Connor Jackson, Shannon Walker and Emily Calder have been working on subtlety in their writing. We have been incredibly impressed with their efforts as it is a really tricky skill to perfect.

Dylan Price, Abi Kupiec and Owen Thompson all showed great tenacity in swimming.  They were all very nervous to swim on their backs, but they didn't give up and they all did it.

Alex Mason, Leo McKeown, DJ Norris, Sophie Davies, Lauren Robinson, Lexie Freeman, Kasey Darby and Tammy Todd for absolutely fantastic hot writes.  Your diary entries were incredible.

Cameron Askey for trying to come to school on time - it has been lovely to see him at spelling time in the morning.

Mia Griffin for fabulous, independent ICT, twinning research skills with input and formatting in excel. Well done.

Malachy Parker, Amber-Rose Hinton, Kayla Hill, Tyrese Collins, Milly-Rose Hodgkins and Alfie Hodgkins for super Maths work.  They all completed 2 worksheets independently.  Very proud of you all!

Sam Stone for being a superstar with fractions and expert tree planter - advising everyone where/how to plant saplings.

Tilly Brown for writing a lovely setting description in English. We're very pleased with your "Thinking Theo" attitude.

Kyle Whetton, Lauren Robinson, Toby Tarpey, Jack Lawrence, Lewis Allen and Leo McKeown - Year 5 and 6 Cross Country group.  Excellent effot and enthusiasm in the last few weeks running over Brinton's Park.  All the children ran extremely well and showed great attitudes.


Year 2 for trying really hard to line up, we are very happy to see quiet, straight lines. Keep it up.


Year 3 and 6 took part in The Big Vote discussing issues which concern us all.  We were very impressed with mature way each class considered the topics.


Year 3 for fabulous behaviour on their cinema trip.


Year 4 for a fantastic assembly. Very proud of you all, you all worked super hard.


Year 4,5,6 a massive well done to you all for overcoming fears, learning new skills and having a "can do" attitude to succeed in swimming either by becoming water confident or swimming 25m+.  You should all be very proud.


Year 5 for being very sensible and considerate when discussing Remembrance Day.  


Year 6 whether you went to Llanrug or not - you have been amazing representatives of Foley Park.  you have been noticed for your manners, politeness and kindness.

For all earning an explorer stamp in Science.  We had to plot 6 different lines of data, we all went a bit wrong but then we helped each other and solved our own problems.


School Council for their suggestions, contributions and eagerness to share and talk.





The following children and groups of children got a special mention in the Golden Book during the month of October .  Well done to you all, keep up the good work.


William Parker for trying really hard to eat independently.

Morgan Colley for excellent independent Maths work solving missing number problems.

Lewis Allen for excellent behaviour to and from swimming.

Jake Beddoes for trying really hard in P.E.

William Parker for perseverance in Maths and English

Kendle Chamberlain for being a fantastic friend to Coby in Year 1, looking after and encouraging him.

Ben Mason for trying really hard to improve his handwriting.

Owen Thompson for making great progress in his maths.

Rebecca Philpotts for getting 10 out of 10 on her spellings EVERY week.

Max Anderson for working very hard to improve his writing content.

Chase Holden for working very hard in English to write a short action sequence.

Ellie Kemp for a fantastic effort in phonics and having beautiful handwriting.

Ryan Partridge for working independently when writing a storyboard.

Sueann Loveridge for always having a positive attitude towards her work and for being kind and friendly.

A mention for :

Year 6 Swimmers

Elle-Mai, Dylan, Kian, Abi, Lucas, Lewis, Owen, Natalia, Emily and Jake who all did some fantastic swimming and took themselves out of their comfort zone.

Year 2 Scientists

Connor, Nathan, Kyron and Maisie for writing amazing science reports.

Year 6 Writers 

Shannon, Jimmy,Emily, Jake, Lucas, Kian, Courtney, Trinity and Toby who have made incredible improvements in their writing, well done for your excellent efforts last half term.

Year 5 Vocabulary

Tammy, Alfie, Lauren, DJ, Jaideep, Alex, Lexie and Callum for making a MASSIVE effort to learn new vocabulary and scoring highly on a vocab test.


Well done to all the Foley Park pupils for making a brilliant start in your first half term.




The following children and groups of children got a special mention in the Golden Book during the month of September .  Well done to you all, keep up the good work.


Toby Tarpey x 2

Jack Johansen-Berg x 3

Milly-Rose Hodgkins

Liam Whitehouse-Siddons

Maddie Hodgkins

Morgan Colley

Kian Lobb x 3

Dylan Price

Sam Stone

Lucas Hodgkins

Siena Russello

Ava Archer-Lycett

Max Anderson

Lucas Hodgkins

Jake Westwood

Lola Dyoss-Jones

Abigail Kupiec

Kyle Kirk

Tyrese Collins

Morgan Pulpett

Sophie Davies

Kasey Darby

Alex Mason

Rebecca Philpotts

Lauren Robinson

Ryan Richards

Kacey Askey

Trinity Bushell

Oliver Pemberton

Skye Meaker

Natalia Nowys

Emily Calder




There were also special mentions for :

Year 5's fantastic, mature start to the year.

Year 4, 5 and 6 swimmers for their behaviour to and from the pool and for their efforts and encouragement to each other in the pool.

Year 2 for brilliant participation in PE

Year 5 & 6 for a really fantastic trip to the Black Country Museum. All the children behaved so well, the staff in the shop and the museum commented on how we were the loveliest school they'd seen for years!!

Well done.






The following children and groups of children got a special mention in the Golden Book during the months of MAY & JUNE.  Well done to you all, keep up the good work.

Year 3 - Good teamwork atTri golf 

Year 4 - Perseverance with writing

Olivia Mason

Callum Parfitt

Tyler Murphy

Year 6 - for thoughtfulness

Monique Singh

Grace McKeown

Year 5 - Perseverance with models

Joseph Barker

Reception - Super Writing

Year 6 - Perseverance with SATs

Ben Hammick

Lucas Hodgkins

Tilly Brown

Ellie-Mai Kemp

Evie Hopkins

Tiegan Branford

Kasey Darby

Siena Russello

Charlie Yarnold

Jake Beddoes

Mikolaj Mularz

Roman Harvey

Dylon Baylie

Reece Calder

Yasmin Phillips

Cameron Askey

Logan Pironnet

Brooke Green

Kayla Freeman

Kendle Chamberlain

Owen Thompson

Akiri Brackett

Kenzie Loveridge

Year 3 - for following instructions

Logan Bryant

Dante Brookes

David Grozea

Year 5 - Fantastic maths

Year 6 - Fantastic behaviour

Morgan Puplett

Harry Davies

Harriet Smith

Ben Mason

Estella Williams-Worall

Melody Szczepanik

Emily Hodgkins

Max Barber

Jack JB

Dylan Price

Jayden Godsell

McKenzie Wilding

Kayla Allen

Lilly Kemp

Evie-mai Calder

Chase Holden

Coby Wrench

Zara Moore

Savanna Todd