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Communication and Interaction - Waves 1, 2 and 3


(Universal Provision)


Inclusive strategies for ALL learners embedded in QFT

  • Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery & outcomes e.g., simplified language, key words on working wall and on spelling lists
  • Structured school & class routines
  • Use of visual prompts/ICT to make learning more visual
  • Talking Partners
  • Collaborative group work
  • Pot of Fairness/ Class Dojo to allow everyone opportunities to speak
  • ‘No hands up’ approach to answering questions


(in addition to universal provision)


Targeted intervention and support for SOME learners

  • Visual timetables
  • Visual cues and clarification cards
  • Early years Speech and language programme for Reception (Language Link)
  • Language skills interventions for pupils
  • Social speaking intervention groups
  • Individual working station
  • Support by trained Language and Communication Teaching Assistant


(in addition to universal provision and targeted intervention)

Specialist support for a FEW learners

  • 1:1 support or group intervention programme led by trained Language and Communication teaching assistant
  • ‘Language for Thinking’ programmes
  • Involvement of outside agencies:  Speech & Language therapy (SALT)